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Strengthen the bonds with your customers and employees through meaningful rewards.


Customize your reward programs

Every company is unique. Whether you want to encourage repeat customers, engage new ones, gather valuable data, or show appreciation for various efforts, we have the perfect solution for you. Our services offer endless opportunities to reward all types of actions and behaviors. Let us help you create reward programs that truly reflect your company’s values and ambitions.

Find the right reward model

Are you looking for a gift to express gratitude for youremployees’ efforts, or are yousearchingthe perfect Christmas or summer gift? Then our gift shop “Julklappsvalet”or our super gift card “Zupergift” is the solution youare looking for. If you want tocreate customer motivation throughout the purchasing process, consider our voucherand gift card-based options. With our customizable solutions, you can easily build aprogramwhichcreates value for your company, customers, partners, and employees.

Innovative solutions for smooth reward management

Our solutions make managing your reward program easier than ever. Choose between self-service options where you control everything, to full-service solutions that cover everything from procurement to operation, distribution, and support.Regardless of the level of engagement, we have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the most effective activities for reaching your goals.

Our services

Why should we work with rewards?

Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated. Rewards can be used for many different purposes and to highlight positive behaviors. For example, rewards can be used to encourage specific behaviors and show appreciation to employees for well-executed achievements. Rewards can also be used to recruit new customers and reactivate inactive customers or gather data from customers and prospects, etc.

With our broad experience and expertise, we have helped a variety of industries with tailored reward concepts. From hotel vouchers for premium car buyers (which contribute to enhancing the perceived value for the customer in the purchasing process) to meaningful employee gifts. Our gift shop and flexible self-service platform, Awardit Rewards, provide you with all the tools you need to reward customers and employees in a meaningful way

Our Delivery Rewards

Awardit offers a one-stop-shop and assists you with everything from strategy and program design to technical and operational management of your rewards programs. All to simplify the process of setting up and running effective reward solutions. We help you create customized solutions based on your specific requirements and goals.Read more about what we deliver below.

Strategy & Feasibility Study

Our strategic advice ensures that your rewards program is tailored to your objectives. We also assist with program design to maximize effectiveness based on the common goals we set for your program.

Design & UX

Awardit has extensive experience in creating world-class digital user experiences and interfaces. We have worked with some of the largest brands in Europe and have many years of experience in adapting and customizing reward programs according to abrand’s graphic guidelines.

IT & Development

Awardit creates modern and intuitive reward programs that can be integrated withWhite Label solutions and APIs and meet rigorous information security requirements.We offer a comprehensive solution that includes technical solution, logistics, customer service, and finance, ranging from payment modules to redundant operating environments.

Procurement, inventory & Logistics

With our fulfillment as a service solution, you can choose from thousands of products and hundreds of gift cards in our standard range or put together a custom assortment. As a customer of Awardit, you have access to our extensive supplier network that enables special orders and concepts tailored to your specific reward setup.

Operational Management

Let Awardit take care of the operations of your program! A dedicated Key AccountManager assists you with program strategy, member onboarding, communication, etc., to ensure the success of your program.

Together, we set up a campaign strategy where we ensure that offers and messages harmonize with your overall communication plan.

We assist you in creating and producing campaign mailings, including personalizedcontent for various purposes and goals. We work data-driven with marketing automation based on customer behavior and specific actions.



Economy & Payment

Our solution supports a range of different payment methods, including PCI-certified card payment gateways, mobile payment systems, and invoice payments. Everything is pre-integrated with our business system, so you can be sure to get started quickly.

Our powerful analysis and reporting tools allow us to visualize important KPIs in aclear and interactive way, enabling you to make quick, data-driven decisions.

Customer Service

Our customer service center assists your customers with productor order inquiries, return handling, and more. We seamlessly integrate into yourexisting customer service organization and act as a supplement, regardless of whichchannels you prefer to use. This way, we ensure a unified and smooth customerexperience and become an extension of your own customer support team.

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Julklappsvalet låter varje medarbetare välja julgåva i ett brett sortiment.


Postkodlotteriet stärker medarbetarnas engagemang i hela processen.


Awardits lösning för E.ON resulterade i skapandet av en lojalitetsplattform.

Establish a Rewards System

Would you like to learn more about what it would entail to set up a rewards system for your organization? Contact us, and we will tell you more.