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Awardit Rewards - T he Best Reward Service on the Market!

Are you looking for an efficient way to reward customers, employees, and partners? Then Awardit Rewards is the perfect solution for you. With our self-service platform,you can easily customize rewards from hundreds of gift cards and managedistributions effortlessly. With our service, it’s easy for you to nurture and buildrelationships with employees, customers, and partners.

Hundreds of Digital Rwards to Choose From

We have gathered all our digital gift cards from well - known brands in one reward portal. In the portal you can easily log in to your own company account and reward employees, custome rs, and partners. Choose your target audience, gift card, and gift card value , then start rewarding!

Easy to Reward

Use our reward portal to send out digital gift cards quickly and easily. With our smart and user - friendly distribution tool, you can send gift card s to single users or upload files with groups and reward many at once.

Total Control Over the Entire Process

The platform gives you complete control over the reward process and includes smart features for easy administration. Through your account, you can add and manage users and set budgets for individual users and the entire company. You also gain access to various reports for tracking performance and have financial control.

A Personal Touch in Every Reward

You can easily create customized and personalized messages on the rewards you send out. In this way, you build stronger relationships with your target audiences and increase loyalty to your company brand

Experience Limitless Possibilities

Experience Limitless Possibilities

Awardit Rewards provides you with endless opportunities to develop and nurture customer, employee, and partner relationships. You can use the service for various activities, such as customer activation, sending compensation, rewarding and encouraging employees, or sendin g holiday gifts to customers, employees and Awardit Rewards eng.docx partners. Only your imagination sets limits for how the service can be used to develop and nurture relationships with your different target groups.

Simplicity Above All

With Awardit Rewards, we make it easy for companies to manage rewards. You’ll find hundreds of digital gift cards directly in our service and won’t need to use any other external party to find, administer, and send rewards to your various target groups. Additionally, you can easily distribute administrative rights and set budgets for different users within the organization. Of course, you also get access to various reports for full financial control.

Individually Tailored Rewards

The wide range of digital gift cards via Awardit Rewards allows you to customizerewards based on the target audience and activity type. You can also easily customizethe message for the rewards you send out, making them more personal and relevant.With personal and meaningful rewards, it’s easy to nurture and build relationshipswith employees, customers, and partners.

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Why should we use Awardit Rewards?

Through the reward platform, you get easy access to hundreds of digital gift cards in one place which can be used for various reward models. You also get access to a tool that makes it easy to administer rewards to different target groups, set budgets, and have full control over how much you spend on each activity. Awardit Rewards is simply the best tool on the market if you want to efficiently drive behaviors and results through various reward models.

To get started, contact Awardit and we’ll set up a company account for you. You then choose the amount you want to use for gift cards that are activated on your account.You’ll receive login details and can, if needed, add more licenses/users and sets pending limits for each user/group of users. Then simply choose your target audience and activity and start rewarding!

The platform can be used to reward any type of activity. Some examples include activating dormant customers, sending compensation after contact with customer service and easily managing gifts for employees and partners. Only your imagination Awardit Rewards eng.docx sets limits on how Awardit Rewards can be used to drive different types of behaviors, create incentives, and reward achievements!

Awardit charges a one-time fee for setup and use of the service and charges for the gift cards you choose to send out.A part from that, no other fees apply.

Curious about how to get started? Contact us today and we’ll tell you more about how Awardit Rewards can be used to reward customers, employees, and partners in a simple way!

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