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Increase Customer Loyalty with Customized Rewards

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Develop Customer Loyalty with Awardit's Reward Shop

Boost engagement and strengthen the bonds with your customers by offering unique benefits and rewards. With a Reward Shop, you can easily reward your customers in a meaningful way. Discover how our tailored shop solutions can enhance your customer relationships and contribute to increased customer loyalty.

Efficient Communication

The Reward shop provides you with a platform for customer communication beyond the ordinary. It provides content which engages your customers, and thereby increases loyalty and strengthening your customer relationships.

Easy to Reward

Through the shop you can easily reward your customers for their loyalty, engagement, or other positive actions.

Customized Offers

You have the flexibility to create customized offers and rewards that suit your customers' interests and needs. This makes the rewards more meaningful and appreciated.

Increase Interaction

Make the Reward shop a natural extension of your business and create an additional channel for interaction with your customers. It gives you the opportunity to increase presence and strengthen relationships with your customers. Let Awardit's Reward Shop be the key to stronger customer relationships and increased engagement!

Let Awardit's benefits shop be the key to stronger customer relationships and increased engagement!

A Tailored Shopping Experience

With Awardit’sRewardShop, you gain access to an exclusive shopping platform filledwith products from over 200well knownsuppliers and brands. We offer a wide rangeof both physical and digital products, ensuring there is something interesting forevery customer. The unique aspect of our service is that we customize the offerings based on your customer base, all to maximize the perceived value for the customer.This makes each offer relevant and attractive to your customers, increasing their engagement and trust in your business.

Turnkey Solution Ready to Use

When Awardit’sRewardShop is delivered, it is ready to use immediately. Every detailof the shop is carefully designed and tailored to offer a user-friendly and attractiveshopping experience. We take care of everything from maintenance to regularupdates, ensuring the shop is always up-to-date.

Comprehensive Solution

Awardit takes care of the entire process We offer a comprehensive service that takescare of everything related to yourrewardshop, from setup and structure to ongoingmaintenance, customer service, and inventory management. With Awardit’sRewardShop, it’s easier than ever to reward and engage your customers while strengtheningyour brand and customer relationships.

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How is the of fering in the Reward shop specifically tailored to our customer base?

We decide together which products should be included in your shop’s offerings. All to suit your customers preferences. Today, we have about200stocked brands from which you can choose an assortment of products.

For the customers to see the Reward shop as a benefit, it’s important thatthe content is communicated well. Either through email campaigns, information on your website,or in other ways you want to communicate the benefits in the shop. Besides from communicating with your customers, you don’t need to be involved in the day-to-day operation, we take care of that. The most important success factor is that you integrate the Reward shop into your other benefits activities and make it visible to your customers. This increases the total perceived value of being a customer with you.

Customers can contact Awardit via a contact form in the shop, and we will respond within 48 hours. We also offer an option where customers can call our customerservice.

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