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Gift Cards

Comprehensive Gift Card Solutions with an Unbeatable Sales Network

Awardit is your partner for innovative comprehensive gift card solutions. With solid expertise and proven track record, we are today the largest provider of gift card systems in the Nordics, with over 100 brands using our services. We’re not just experts in gift card systems. We’re also the largest reseller of gift cards in the Nordics.We distribute through +100 web shops and approximately 13,000 retail stores across the Nordics. Through our flexible solutions and cash register integrations, we ensure every customer’s needs are met, whether it’s in-store or online sales.


Awardit Gift Card Solutions – Smart Gift Card Management

Are you ready to revolutionize your gift card business and are searching for a system to manage your gift cards??

Our gift card systems offer functionality for sale and redemption of gift cards in all your sales channels, both in-store and online. Our solutions provide maximum flexibility and work for any company, regardless of size, corporate form, or POS/payment solution you use. Our administration tool gives you full control over your program with smooth management of everything from finances to distribution and reporting. With Awardit Gift Card Solutions, you get the best gift card system on the market!

Discover our reseller network

Do you want to increase your sales and reach new target groups with your gift cards?Awardit offers the largest reseller network for gift cards and voucher codes in theNordics. Our network gives you accessto over hundred leading online stores, loyalty programs, and 13,000 leading retail stores. The network reaches virtually every consumer in the Nordics. Join our network and get profitable exposure for your brand throughout the Nordics!

Some of Our Services

Hur ser tidplanen ut från ett signerat avtal till lansering av ett presentkortsprogram?
Räkna med normalt 3 månader från det att ni signerar avtalet till ni lanserar ert presentkortsprogram. De är faktorer som påverkar tidplan för införande mest är vilka resurser ni har tillgängliga och hur snabba ni är med återkoppling till vår projektledare under införandet. Ska ni integrera lösningen med andra system, beror det även på hur lång tid era leverantörer behöver för integration och utrullningen av en lösning i butik och online.

We have many partners who have built integrations with our system. This allows you to easily sell your gift cards through our network and reach millions of consumers far beyond your own sales channels. There is no manual handling required from your side-everything happens automatically through our integrations, and distribution occurs in real-time when the gift cards are sold through the reseller’s channels.

We have customers today who sell up to 30% of all their gift cards through resellers.It’s worth noting that this sales volume represents pure upselling that does not cannibalize on the sales via your own channels.

Awardit Gift Card Solutions manages the values loaded onto the gift cards, but not the revenues from the sale of the gift cards in your channels. The revenue from thesale is handled in the same way as the sale of other items in your assortment. At payment, the gift card functions as any other means of payment, and all revenues from sold gift cards accrue to you. Awardit Gift Card Solution controls all completed transactions. The system manages, for example, value, validity period, where the transaction took place, and current liabilities.

In the system, you determine the maximum amount that can be loaded onto a gift card. When it comes to minimum amounts, it is only possible to set a minimum amount for gift cards sold online. But, you can set your own policy for what you think the minimum amount should be.

We act as a Data Processor for our customers. In our digital gift cards, we store mobile numbers, email addresses, and even greeting messages. We use this personaldata solely to manage the digital distribution of the gift card. We clear this personaldata when the validity period of the gift card has expired, but the transaction and its value remain in the system. The personal data is stored with AWS in Sweden.

Yes, we can handle this. In the system, we set up redemption agreements between the different countries and currencies. Currency conversion occurs in our system, and the exchange rate is automatically updated with an average of the last 7 days’ exchange rates.

Our Delivery

Awardit delivers systems for both issuing and redeeming gift cards. We provide solutions for managing physical and digital gift cards, and we support our customers in the production of cards and other materials related to your gift card program. Through our system and our POS integrations, we can handle store networks covered by one or more POS systems.


As a partner with us, you have the opportunity to join our large reseller network of retail stores and online shops. Here, we offer a comprehensive service and take care of all parts of the reselling. Reporting, payments, production, and distribution of gift cards, etc.

System Solutions

System solutions for issuing and redeeming gift cards, both physical and digital gift cards. The gift cards can be distributed physically or digitally in the way you prefer.You choose what options your customers should have when giving gift cards to each other.


As part of our comprehensive gift card concept, you gain access to an experienced production team which ensures you have a safe and transparent production process.Gift cards should build brand in the same way as other marketing tools and be a natural part of the company’s brand. Therefore, the choice of material, layout, design of cards, and cardholders is an important part of brand work.

Services Related to Gift Cards

Awardit erbjuder ett flertal tjänster kopplat till hanteringen med presentkort. Här ingår lösningar för hantering av klientmedel, butiksfakturering, reskontrahantering. Alla delar stöds av rapportering som specificerar alla unika transaktioner.

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Interflora gav kunderna flexibilitet att köpa presentkort.


Ving förbättrade sin presentkortsaffär med Awardit.


McDonald’s har valt Awardits lösning för att hantera presentkort i alla kanaler.

Establish a gift card system for your organization

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