Gift Cards Reseller Network

Awardit offers a unique opportunity to resell your gift cards and digital vouchers.Through our extensive network of online and retail resellers, you can easily generate profitable upselling and enhance your brand awareness.

Gift Card Resale

Maximize Reach with Awardit's Reseller Network

Welcome to the largest reseller network in the Nordics for gift cards anddigitalvouchers. Our networkgive accessto over a hundred leading online stores, loyaltyprograms, and approximately 13,000 market-leading retail stores. The net work reaches virtually every consumer in the Nordic region and boasts an impressive annual sales volume of around 1.7 billion SEK. Join us and gain profitable exposure for your brand across the Nordics!Upptäck fördelarna med att ingå och sälja i vårt nätverk: Discover the benefits of joining and selling in our network:

Increase Brand Awareness

Reach the majority of Nordic consumers by appearing in high-traffic retail stores and web shops.

Drive Profitable Upselling

Boost impulse purchases of your gift cards, attract new customers to your stores, and create incremental sales.


Participation in our reseller network requires minimal effort on your part. The entire process is automized and only an agreement with Awardit and the reseller is required.

Low Cost to Participate

Participation in the reseller network is based on variable compensation for sold gift cards, providing you with exposure and resale opportunities with low financial risk.

The Nordic region's largest reseller network for gift cards and value codes.

Advanced Technical Infrastructure and Integration

Our reseller network is built on a well-developed technical infrastructure and integration with a large number of retail chains and online stores. This enables real-time loading and distribution of gift cards and voucher codes across all channels we operate in.

Increased Reach through Reselling

Our technical platform connects various gift card issuers and enables them to resell gift cards and voucher codes, even in locations that would otherwise not be accessible. For example, Filmstaden collaborates with stores such as Pressbyrån,Coop, Willys, Hemköp, and CityGross, which increases the sales and exposure of the gift cards far beyond Filmstaden’s own channels.

Simplified Collaboration with Automated Processes

A reseller agreement with Awardit means easy resale of gift cards and voucher codes, thanks to seamless technical integration and real-time loading. The process is largely automated, which means simplicity and ease of operation for you as a customer.

Profitable Business Model with Benefits for All Parties

Our business model is based on variable compensation, where a commission is charged on sold values that are shared between us and the reseller. We handle all communication, technology, and administration with the resellers, simplifying your sales management across the Nordics. This model drives profitable upselling and increases exposure for your brand through the network.

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What is required from us to join the reseller network?

It is very easy to get started with reselling your gift cards through our channels. All connections are in place, and no IT development is required on your part. All that is needed is access to your gift card codes. We can do this either through an integration with your gift card system or if you provide us with loaded gift card codes that we can stock and send out to customers through the network. You decide how your gift card should be presented and provide us with designs and sales texts to present your brand the way you want.

Yes. You can choose where your gift cards are sold among all the web shops and loyalty programs in our network. Whether you want to be present in all or just a few selected ones. The more you participate, the greater the reach and sales. If you want to resell your gift cards in any of the 13,000 retail stores we have agreements with, it requires integration with your gift card system.We will help you in the integration process to make it as smooth as possible.

Vi har ett stort antal partners som byggt integrationer mot vårt system. Det gör att ni enkelt kan sälja era presentkort via vårt nätverk och nå miljoner konsumenter långt utanför era egna försäljningskanaler. Det krävs ingen manuell hantering från er sida – allt sker automatiskt via våra integrationer och distribution sker i realtid när presentkorten säljs via återförsäljarens kanaler.

Avtal gällande försäljningsprovisionen till den/de återförsäljare som säljer era presentkort skrivs direkt med utvalda återförsäljare. Ni skriver också ett Tilläggsavtal med Awardit Gift Card Solution för att hantera licens och underhåll av integrationen mot återförsäljarna. I vårt system har ni full kontroll på hur många presentkort och till vilket värde respektive återförsäljare har sålt åt er.

Vi har idag kunder som säljer upp emot 30% av alla sina presentkort via återförsäljare. Värt att veta är att denna försäljning innebär ren merförsäljning som inte kannibaliserar på den egna försäljningen av presentkort.

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Interflora gav kunderna flexibilitet att köpa presentkort.


Ving förbättrade sin presentkortsaffär med Awardit.


McDonald’s har valt Awardits lösning för att hantera presentkort i alla kanaler.

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