Gift Card System

We are experts in gift card solutions. Let us help you create a gift card program that contributes to the development of your business.

Gift Card System

Make a Good Business Better with Awardit Gift Card Solutions

Awardit Gift Card Solutions has extensive experience in delivering innovative and reliable gift card solutions and is proud to be one of the leading players in the industry. Let us together increase the value and effectiveness of your gift card program and make your business even better.


Our gift card solutions are easy to customize and integrate into your company.


The gift cards handling through our systems provides high security as the cards are loaded with value only upon sale.


Our system is easy to adapt for all your needs today and in the future.

Full Control

With our system, you have full control over the entire process and can smoothly manage everything from finances to distribution and reporting.

The Market's Most Competent Gift Card System!

Smooth Handling - Both In - store and Online

Discover the simplicity of our integrated gift card system. Our gift card solutions are designed to fit all different types of businesses, regardless of size or industry. They are tailored for both physical stores and e-commerce platforms. The system seamlessly combines the sale and redemption of gift cards in all your sales channels. Our ready-made integrations with leadinge-commerce platforms and POS systems make it easy to get started with sales and redemption in all your channels. We also offer standalone, web-based solutions for both retail and e-commerce.

New Opportunities for Sales and Marketinga

Do you want to increase your sales and reach new target groups with your gift cards? We have ready-made connections to all major gift card resellers and our own channels within Awardit, making it easy for you to reach practically all consumers across the Nordics.

Keep in mind that a sold gift card always generates two store visits-the purchaser of the giftcard and the recipient of the gift card. This makes gift cards a perfect product for generating traffic and increased sales.

Customers who shop with gift cards are also less price-sensitive and spend on average 40%more than the original value of the gift card.

Easy Administration and Financial Management

Our user-friendly and intuitive administration interface gives you full control over your gift  card program. The system is designed to smoothly handle everything from finances to distribution and reporting. We provide you with the tools to effectively manage and optimize your gift card activities.

Tailored Training Programs and Support

Let our experienced team guide you through every step of the implementation and use of our gift card solutions. We also offer tailored training programs to ensure that your team has the knowledge and skills required to fully utilize our system.


We prioritize quality and sustainability in our production of physical gift cards and accessories. With our PVC-free production, we ensure that your gift cards are both sustainable and aesthetically appealing.

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What is the timeline from a signed agreement to the launch of a gift card program?

Expect typically 3 months from signing the agreement to launching your gift card program.The factors that most affect the implementation timeline are the resources you have available and how quickly you provide feedback to our project manager during implementation. If you are integrating the solution with other systems, it also depends on how much time your suppliers need for integration and rollout of a solution in-store and online.

If you have gift card numbers, amounts, and expiration dates on your outstanding gift cards, we can upload these gift cards into our system. The redemption of the old gift cards works both in physical stores and online, by entering the gift card code found on the old gift card.For partial redemptions, you issue a new gift card to the customer from Awardit Gift CardSolution and accept payment with the old gift card. 

You decide how long the gift cards should be valid. The most common period is 3-5 years, but the decision is entirely up to you. Our recommendation is not to have too short a validity period to avoid dissatisfaction among customers who want to use their gift cards. You want customers to shop with you, not go to your competitors. And,don’t forget that with your gift card you create your own currency which is only valid with you.So, take advantage of this opportunity when customers have your currency in their wallets.

We havemanypartners who have built integrations with our system. This means you caneasily sell your gift cards through our network and reach millions of consumers far beyondyour own sales channels. There is no manual handling required on your part-everythinghappens automatically through our integrations, and distribution occurs in real-time when thegift cards are sold through the reseller’s channels. Agreements regarding sales commissions tothe reseller(s) selling your gift cards are made directly with selected resellers. You also sign asupplementary agreement with Awardit Gift Card Solution to manage the licensing andmaintenance of the integration with the resellers. In our system, you have full control over how many gift cards and at what value each reseller has sold. Today, we have customers selling up to 30% of all their gift cards through resellers. It is worth noting that this sales increase represents pure additional sales that do not cannibalize on your own gift card sales.

Vi har idag kunder som säljer upp emot 30% av alla sina presentkort via återförsäljare. Värt att veta är att denna försäljning innebär ren merförsäljning som inte kannibaliserar på den egna försäljningen av presentkort.

Awardit Gift Card Solutions validates the values loaded on the gift cards. Revenues from the sale of gift cards are handled in the same way as revenues from the sale of other goods in your assortment, and all revenues from sold gift cards accrue to you. At payment, the gift card functions like any other means of payment, and Awardit Gift Card Solution has control overall completed transactions. The system manages, for example, value, expiration date, and where the transaction took place, as well as the current debt.

You decide the maximum amount that can be loaded onto a gift card. The minimum amount can only be set for gift cards sold online, and you set the policy for the minimum amount.

We act as a Data Processor for our customers. For our digital gift cards, we save mobile numbers, email addresses, and greeting phrases. We only use this personal data to manage the digital distribution of the gift card. The personal data is cleared when the validity period of the gift card expires, but the transaction and its value remain in the system’s history.Personal datais stored at AWS in Sweden.

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Interflora gav kunderna flexibilitet att köpa presentkort.


Ving förbättrade sin presentkortsaffär med Awardit.


McDonald’s har valt Awardits lösning för att hantera presentkort i alla kanaler.

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