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What influences motivation and loyalty, and which aspects are important to work with? With Awardit’s insight products, you can take data-driven decisions and achieve better results in your loyalty and motivation efforts.


Develop Your Business with Data-Driven Insights

Do you want to have a crystal-clear picture of your employees’ motivation and your customers’ loyalty? Our insight products offer just that. We deliver valuable insights and data that provide you with the tools you need to develop in terms of employee motivation and customer loyalty.

Your Complete Insights Partner

Do you want the right information at the right time to make informed decisionsabout how to develop your employees and customers? We have the solution.

Our Motivation and Loyalty Index services provide you with the tools you need to succeed in increasing motivation among your employees and loyalty among your customers.Through our process and tools, we ensure that you always have the information you need. Make smarter decisions and achieve better results with us as your partner.

Proven Insights Model and High Availability

Awardit has extensive experience in supporting companies in employee motivation and customer loyalty. Over the years, we have developed a well-established model for strategic and tactical insights that you can act on directly. Through our licensing model, you have continuous access to our expert team and our tool.

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Some of our many services

How does Awardit collect data?

We use various methods for data collection, but the most common method is through digital surveys.

Every company has different needs and works in different ways. There is no one-size-fits-all model for all companies. We adapt to your needs and ensure that you gaininsights when needed.

Our process assumes that we do the work. That is, we ensure to minimize the time you need to spend on data collection and analysis.

Awardit offers a fixed-price licensing model that runs for twelve months. The licensing model is structured as follows:

  • The first pilot measurement is free
  • 24,500 SEK per year for the Motivation Index
  • 24,500 SEK Peryear for the Loyalty Index
  • 37,500 SEK for both the Motivation index and Loyalty Index

Our Delivery

We offer a one-stop-shop and assistyouwithastrategy for initiatives, setup,technical, and operational service. We provide everything from standalone programsto complex coalition programs with hundreds of partners.

All types of surveys

In addition to indexsurveys, we can also support with other types ofsurveys. For example, eNPS, feedback surveys, in-depth surveys & pulse surveys etc.


Vi hjälper er att säkerställa att frågebatteriet passar just er verksamhet och att frågorna genererar de insikter ni behöver.


We support you in segmenting your target groups in a way that make sit easier to act on the analysis and recommendations. That is, you get a detailed view where needed.

Data collection

We take care of data collection and reminders. We always strive to maximize the response rates.


We analyze the results and look at several different angles


Based on the analysis, we provide a clear view of the are as you should focus on in the future to gain higher motivation and loyalty.

Activity plan

We ensure that the insights can be used to develop an actionable activity plan focusing on improvement measures.

Reports and presentations

We create all the reports and presentations you need to effectively work with the insights.

Strategic and tactical advice

We are always available for any questions or as a sounding board when needed.

Se how we help others


Thermia använder Motivationsindex för att förstå motivationen bland sina medarbetare.


Kundpartner använder Motivationsindex som en grund för sitt utvecklingsarbete.


Tactel får värdefulla insikter av sina medarbetare.

Enhance Your Employee Motivation and Customer Loyalty

Would you like to learn more about what it would entail to set up a system for measuring the Motivation or Loyalty Index? Contact us, and we will tell you more.