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Insights that helps you increas eemployee motivation!


Insights that provide the keys to increased motivation

Awardit’s Motivation Index helps you understand the factors driving your employees’ motivation. With over 20 years of experience in employee motivation, we can help you focus on the right actions to create a thriving corporate culture.

Data-driven insights

We help you analyze your employees' motivation and driving forces.

Targeted activities

By identifying and implement ing the most effective activities, you can increase motivation and engagement among your employees.

Effective follow - up

We continuously follow up, measure, and evaluate the activities against the set goals.

Expert assistance

We are an active partner with extensive experience, continuously helping you achieve your goals. Take the step towards a workplace where motivation and well-being go hand in hand.

Maximize motivation with insights and the right activities!

Maximera motivationen - med ökade insikter och rätt aktiviteter

Our Motivation Index provides a deeper understanding of what drives your employees. With insights into the current situation and driving forces, you can actively work to increase motivation in your company. You get a clear overview of the situation and key motivating factors, so you can work on the right activities to achieve your goals.

Fokus på effekt – ständigt förbättringsarbete Focus on effectiveness

With over20 years of experience, we know that employee motivation is a continuous process to achieve success. We offer a flexible and well-proven process where we act as your insight partner and continuously help you follow up on the effects of your motivation-enhancing activities. All to ensure that you achieve higher performance and a more thriving organization.

Data-driven decisions

We base our analysis on data from surveys to make data-driven decisions about the activities to implement. By combining quantitative and qualitative data, you not only get answers to what affects motivation, but also why. With a solid foundation in data-driven insights, you can make decisions about motivation-enhancing activities that last over time.

Continuous access at a low license fee

With our licensing model, you always have access to our time and our tool. This means that we are always available to conduct a surveyor act as a sounding board when you need it. Our licensing model covers 12 months, and we offer a fixed price for the entire period where everything is included:

  • The first pilot survey is free
  • Then 24.500 SEK per year

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What measurement points/insights does Awardit's Motivation Index contain?

We have concluded that the primary theme areas that summarize motivation areEngagement, Reward & Recognition, Balance, Working Conditions, Development,Corporate Culture, Collaborative Climate, Self-Driving, and Leadership.

Yes, we have a flexible solution where we can tailor the measurement areas to your needs.

Our starting point is to ensure that we ask the right questions and dig deep enough to get concrete input from the respondents. The insights are then easily transformed into crisp activities

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Curious to know more?

Curious to learn about the Motivation Index and how it can be used to improve motivation in your company? Contact us to book a demo