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Gifts that Everyone Appreciates

A Christmas gift is the perfect way to show appreciation for the year’s good efforts. With Awardit’s gift portal julklappsvalet.se, it’s easy to find a gift that everyone appreciates. We help you celebrate this year’s successes with personally tailoredChristmas gifts from well-known brands.


Giving a gift via julklappsvalet.se is simple. You choose the value and send a unique code via email to the recipient, who make their choice from all available Christmas gifts from well - known brands in the portal.


You choose how your company wants to handle the codes. Either we assist you with distributing the codes to your employees, or you send out the codes yourselves.


Julklappsvalet offers unique and personally tailored Christmas gifts from well - known brands. We make it easy for you to show appreciation and celebrate the past year with personally tailored gifts.


We collaborate with well - known brands and offer a wide range of quality gifts. Everyone will surely find something that suits their taste and needs. Your gift also becomes extra sustainable if it is used frequently and during a long time.

Flexible, Personal, and Sustainable Gifts.

Flexible and easy

Finding a Christmas gift that suits everyone and is sustainable is not easy. With Julklappsvalet.se, the process of choosing a Christmas gift becomes both smooth, stress-free and sustainable. Regardless the size of your company, with our help, you can easily find the perfect Christmas presents for your employees. Choose between wo different price levels, medium (400 SEK) and large (500 SEK) and give your employees the freedom to choose a gift that truly appeals to them.

Personal Quality

We understand the importance of making each Christmas gift feel special. Therefore, we collaborate with well-known brands and offer a wide range of quality gifts.Choose from everything from movie tickets to stylish interior items and practical tools. Everyone will surely find something that suits their taste and needs.

Choose Value and Distribute

Decide on the Christmas gift value you want to offer your employees, and as the holiday season approaches, each person will receive their unique code via email. We can assist with distributing the codes to the employees, or you can manage th e distribution yourselves. With the provided code, the recipient visit our shop and make their choice from all available Christmas gifts.

Let Julklappsvalet become a pleasant tradition that your employees look forward toyear after year!

Visit our demo sites

Visit our demo sites where you can see examples of assortments for the differentpackages Medium and Large:

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How does it work?

How does it work?

  • You choose the disired price level for the gift (Medium or large)
  • Awardit creates codes and sends them to your company’s contact person
  • Awardit ensures that similar products are available until february 28
  • Awardit invoices purchased codes to the specified reference/address
  • Awardet provide an excel list with codes and information as a pdf
  • If you have a large number of christmas gift recipients, we are happy to assist with the shipment
  • Each employee chooses the desired gift, which is sent directly to their home address or via email (digital gifts)

If it is a physical product, it will be delivered within 7working days. Digital products are sent directly to the specified email address.  

You need to order at least 5 gifts (medium and/or large).

Inaddition to the Christmas gift cost, there is an additional charge of 75 SEK foradministration/shipping.

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