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Loyal Customers

Take your loyalty efforts to entirely new levels with Awardit’s comprehensive solutions for customer loyalty!

Loyal Customers

Maximize Customer Loyalty

Satisfied customers are important, but it’s the loyal customers who truly make a difference.Many customers switch suppliers silently at the next buying opportunity. Loyal customers return and typically increase their purchases, while also recommending others to make their purchases with you and providing valuable feedback that can be used to develop your offering. The challenge lies in creating deeper customer relationships. Awardit specializes in comprehensive solutions where every customer contact becomes an opportunity to build deeper relationships and long-term customer loyalty.

Elevate Your Business with Awardit's Loyalty Solutions

Awardit has over 50 years of combined experience in creating and operating successfulloyaltyprogramsfor businesses. We know that a well-developed loyalty program is the key toincreased customer satisfaction, sales, and profitability.

With our innovative points and reward system, your customers are motivated to increase their purchases with you rather than with your competitors. The loyalty program also creates a positive bond between you and the customers, while also becoming an effective marketing channel to reach your most valuable customers. With Awardit’s loyalty solutions, you can create a future where every customer interaction contributes to increased loyalty and growth.

Do you have businesses as customers?

Build Long-Lasting Relationships and Increase Customer Engagement

At Awardit, we tailor loyalty solutions to fit your unique needs.

With our ecosystem of services, we can deliver both comprehensive solutions and components that complement and enhance your existing loyalty program. Our various solutions also provide opportunities for collecting and analyzing customer data that can be used for targeted marketing strategies and to improve your customer offerings. Our loyalty solutions simply help you create long-lasting customer relationships and increased customer engagement.

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Increase Your Market Share with Resellers and Partners

Strengthen your sales channels with a loyalty program that encourages resellers and partners to become engaged ambassadors for your products and services.

By engaging resellers and partners more actively in your business, not only as sales channels but as important partners, you create a stronger network. With a well-structured loyalty program, you can significantly increase the opportunities to get your resellers to choose youover your competitors. Let Awardit help you turn your resellers into an extension of your own business.

Do you sell through resellers and partners?

Some of Our Many Services

Why invest in a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is much more than just rewarding your customers. It is a powerful tool for collecting valuable information about your customers’ behaviors. Data analysis provides you with important insights into customers’ purchasing behaviors, preferences, and habits. This information can be used to tailor marketing strategies, improve the customer experience, and develop your products and services. A well-designed program also provides an opportunity for increased customer dialogue and can become an important marketing channel to existing and potential new customers. The program supports your own sales organization in strengthening relationships with your customers

Awardit offers a complete ecosystem of services that contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and engagement in your customer base. Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, we can tailor solutions to your goals and requirements.

Our gift card solutions can be used to expand redemption options in a loyalty program or as rewards and incentives for member registration and repeat purchases. With our various shop solutions, you can increase the perceived value of being a customer by offering value-added products as part of a loyalty solution. Our partner programs offer point earning with hundreds of external partners, where points are funded by the partners connected to the program.

Through our platform, we also offer a wide range of tools for segmentation, marketing automation, and gamification to increase engagement with your customers.

Our ecosystem of services offers endless possibilities for successfully working to increase customer satisfaction, engagement, and long-term loyalty.




Our Delivery

Welcome to Awardit’s one-stop-shop for loyalty solutions. We assist you with everything from strategy and program design to technical and operational management of your programs.All to simplify the process of setting up and running effective loyalty solutions. Choose individual components that complement existing loyalty programs or out source the entirety to us. Regardless, we help you tailor the solutions based on your objectives.Read more about what we deliver below.

Strategy and Pre -study

With over 50 years of combined experience, we are experts in building long-term customer relationships and successful loyalty programs. Our strategic guidance ensures that your loyalty program integrates seamlessly into your business and achieves the desired success. We also assist with program design to maximize your program performance.

Design & UX

Our team has extensive experience in creating world-class digital user experiences and interfaces. We have worked with some of the largest brands in Europe and have years of experience in adapting and customizing loyalty programs to a brand’s graphic guidelines

Digital user experiences are at the core of our business–we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to user interaction. And if we don’t know, we conduct a UX survey to find out the answer.

We can quickly understand, interpret, and visualize business concepts and flows into user experiences and loyalty concepts, using rapid prototyping. We constantly strive for improvement and do not settle for mediocre results and solutions.

IT & Development

We create modern and intuitive loyalty programs, integrate them seamlessly with White Label solutions and APIs, and meet rigorous requirements in information security. We offer a complete solution that includes platform, logistics, customer service, and finance with everything from payment modules to redundant operating environments.

Awardit’s loyalty platform can be used to set up everything from standalone programs, for individual customer needs, to complex coalition programs with a common digital point currency for hundreds of partners, as well as various forms of motivational programs.

The platform is provided as a Software as a Service with we band mobile-based member and user interfaces. Integration can be done with your POS/CRM/ERP system for transaction transfer and mutual updating of member data

We use agile methodology to quickly adapt to changing conditions, allowing us to continually improve ourselves and the loyalty solutions we operate.

We have extensive experience in compliance and information security and have under gone comprehensive reviews by some of our clients, including international airlines and credit card companies.

Partner Network

We offer an extensive network of partners to increase the value in your loyalty program.Through our 500+ network partners, you can implement partner-funded reward models, card-linking, and discounted offers from hundreds of external partners.

Through our partner network, we can offer point earning or cash back completely funded by external partners. The network creates added value by offering members the opportunity to achieve higher point bonuses faster through the programs, and receive attractive direct discounts from a range of well-known brands.

Purchase, Inventory, and Logistics-Fulfillment as a Service

With our Fulfillment as a Service, you can easily choose from thousands of products in our extensive standard range or create a tailored offering specifically for your loyalty strategy.

Do you have specific requirements for the assortment that you want help realizing? No problem, we can assist with both purchasing and inventory management of special assortments for your loyalty program.

As an Awardit customer, you gain access to our broad supplier network, enabling specialorders and concepts tailored to your specific loyalty solution.

Operational Management

Let Awardit take care of the operation of your program! A dedicated Key Account Manager assists you with program strategy, member onboarding, communication, and more, to ensure that your program gain long-term success

Together, we set up a campaign strategy where we ensure that offers and messages harmonize with your overall communication plan.

We assist you in creating and producing campaign mailings, including personalized content for various purposes and goals. To achieve effective member communication, we work data-driven with marketing automation based on members’ behavior and specific actions.


By letting Awardit take on the role of the legal seller for the redemption assortment in your loyalty program, you avoid legal responsibility, payment flows, and integrations with business systems.

Our solution supports a variety of payment methods, including PCI-certified card payment gateways, mobile payment systems, and invoice payment. Everything is pre-integrated with our business system, so you can be sure to get started quickly.

Our powerful analysis and reporting tools allow us to visualize important KPIs in a clear and interactive way, so you can make quick, data-driven decisions.

Customer Service

Our customer service center assists your customers with product or order questions, return handling, and any other questions from members in the program.

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Establish a Modern Customer Club or Loyalty Program

Would you like to learn more about what it would entail to set up a loyalty program for your organization? Contact us, and we will tell you more.