Loyalty Program for Consumers

Strong customer relationships are the key to success. Let us help you develop a loyalty program tailored to your goals and needs.

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Loyalty Program for Consumers

A Comprehensive Ecosystem of Loyalty Services

How do you differentiate yourselves in an industry with standardized products and services and high price competition? The answer is simple: build stronger bonds with your customers through a loyalty program. Awardit offers a complete ecosystem ofl oyalty services, ranging from comprehensive solutions to services that complement your existing loyalty program.

What can you achieve with awell-developed loyalty program?

Higher Customer Loyalty

By offering relevant rewards and added value, you increase the likelihood of customers remaining loyal to you and choosing you over competitors.

More Repeat Purchases

Encourage your customers to shop more often. By rewarding with points and benefits, you create incentives for customers to increase purchase frequency and return more often.

Improved Customer Insights

With data from a loyalty program, you gain insight into your customers' purchasing behavior and preferences. Use this knowledge to tailor your customer communication and offers. It creates a personalized and genuine customer experience.

Increased Profitability

Retaining existing customers is significantly more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. By maximizing the value of each customer relationship, a loyalty program contributes to higher sales and better profitability.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships with Our Loyalty Solutions.

Loyalty Solutions Tailored to Your Needs and Goals

Awardit offers comprehensive loyalty solutions and an ecosystem of services to build stronger customer relationships and increased loyalty. You can entrust the entirety to us or complement your existing programs with solutions from our ecosystem of services. If you want to expand redemption optionsin an existing points program, ourpoints shop is the solution for you. If you want to offer your customers customized benefits and rewards, our benefits shop is the right service. If you want to build stronger relationships by offering benefits with hundreds of partners, then our partner network is the service you should offer your customers. Whatever your needs, we can design a loyalty solution perfectly tailored to your specific goals and requirements.

Lång erfarenhet och expertis

With our long experience in setting up and running loyalty programs, we know what works and delivers results. We offer support in program design and implementation of various loyalty solutions and can also take over the operations of the program. Together, we ensure that your program is successful in the longterm!

Flexible and Scalable Technology

Awardit offers a range of innovative solutions for customer loyalty. Our technology platform is both flexible and scalable, allowing us to smoothly adapt your program to match your ambitions. We deliver comprehensive solutions that include operation and support and can also complement your existing loyalty programs with parts that are missing to achieve real success.

Long-lasting Effects

Our loyalty programs have proven their effectiveness through increased sales and customer satisfaction. We use points as both a “metric” and “currency,” enabling us to measure success clearly. Additionally, we are actively involved in monitoring, refining, and developing your program for continuous success.

Through a partner ship with Awardit, you can achieve increased customer satisfaction and greater customer engagement. Our programs help you build strong customer relationships, increase your sales, and develop your competitive advantages.


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Why should I invest in a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is much more than just a way to reward your customers. By investing in a loyalty program, your company can also gather valuable data about your customers’ behavior. By analyzing this data, you can gain insights into the purchasing behavior, preferences, and habits of your customers. You can then use this information to tailor your marketing strategies, improve the customer experience, optimize the customer journey, and develop your products and services. A well-designed loyalty program contributes to increased interaction and higher customer engagement and can serve as a marketing channel to both existing and potential new customers.

With a points shop linked to your loyalty program, you can offer members added value in the redemption of points for products and services you do not provide yourself. An example is SAS EuroBonus, where EuroBonus members can use their points not only for booking flights but also for redemption against other products and services in the SAS EuroBonus shop. By offering a redemption shop with an attractive range, you significantly enhance the perceived value of being a member of the loyalty program.

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