Partner-Funded Rewards

Discover the power of Awardit’s partner network and provide your customers with benefits from hundreds of partners!

Partner-Funded Rewards

Experience the Benefits of a Partner Program

Build stronger customer relationships by offeringrewardsfrom hundreds of partners, completely free of charge. By joining Awardit’s partner program, you can easily increase the value for your customers while also increasing the opportunities for positive communication with your customer base. A win-win situation for both you and your customers!

Enhance the Perceived Value of Being a Customer

By offering benefits from hundreds of partners, you increase the perceived value of being a customer in your company.

Connect with Hundreds of Partners

Awardit provides solutions that make it easy to integrate partner benefits and rewards on your own websites and apps.

Expanded Communication Opportunities

Partner rewards provide fantastic opportunities to create content and expand the communication with your customer base.

Self-Financed Model

Partner rewards provide a cost-effective model where member rewards are funded by partners.

Simple, Cost-Effective, and Powerful!

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Awardit can connect partners to existing loyalty programs or create entirely new programs based on the partner network. To make it easy to get started, we have created several tools, such as responsive web pages and APIs for easy integration with your own websites and apps. We also offer a convenient packaged solution including member management, technical support, campaign management, communication, and end-customer support to simplify the operations of the programs.

Cost-Effective Model

Member rewards are financed by commissions from partners in our network. This provides you with a self-financed model for the member rewards, allowing you to offer your customers benefits from hundreds of partners in a cost-effective way!

Increased Communication Opportu

The partner program also offers new opportunities for positive communication withyour customer base. If you operate in an industry with limited communication opportunities, partner offers can be an important tool for enhancing the communication with your customer base and increase the value of being a customer.

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What benefits does a partner program create?

Awardit’s partner program primarily creates value in two ways. Your company gets the opportunity to offer benefits from hundreds of partners at no extra cost. It also provides the opportunity for expanded communication with your customer base. If you operate in an industry where communication opportunities are limited, the partner program becomes a great way to enhance the communication with your customers.

The partner network can be used in most types of loyalty programs, as a way to earn extra points or cash back. The network can also form the basis of a loyalty program for industries where margins do not allow for traditional loyalty models, such as banking and credit card companies, electricity companies, and insurance companies. For the se industries, partner programs can provide an opportunity to finance member rewards in a loyalty program.

Setting up a new partner program takes only about 4-6 weeks.

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