Points Shop

Build stronger customer relationships with a points shop.

Points Shop

Discover the Benefits of a Points Shop in Your Loyalty Program

A points shop gives your customers full flexibility in using their loyalty points. The points shop can also become an effective tool when you want to create stronger connections with your customers. If use din the right way, the shop can contribute to deeper customer engagement and increase interaction between you and your customers.

Increased Customer Loyalty

By offering an attractive branded points shop in your loyalty program, you create a sense of appreciation among your customers, increasing loyalty to your company.

Full Flexibility

A points shop that allow s customers to combine points and card payments at purchase , provides flexibility where your customers more easily can utilize their earned points. It ’s simple and convenient and increases the customers' willingness to buy.

Many Options

With the points shop, you can offer your customers a wide range of products and services to choose from. This gives customers maximum freedom to choose how they want to spend their points, and increased their interest and engagement in your loyalty program .

Added Value

By including a points shop in your loyalty program, you create added value for customers, as they have more ways to use their points than just traditional discounts or offers. This can enhance the customer experience and strengthen the relationship with your company.

Increase Customer Loyalty with a Customized Points Shop

Wide Range of Well-Known Brands

Awardit’s points shop combines a wide range of products from over 200 well-knownb rands, with a mix of both physical and digital products. We tailor the assortment in the points shop based on your specific target audience, to ensure that the offering is relevant to your customers. Regardless of your customers’ preferences, we can offer something for everyone.

Smooth & Easy

Upon delivery, you receive a fully functional points shop tailored to your brand and ready to use. We take responsibility for continuously maintaining and updating the shop, ensuring that it always feels up to date and attractive to your customers. You can focus on your core business , while we ensure that your points shop remains a valuable resource for you and your customers.

Comprehensive Solution and Full Service

Awardit offers a comprehensive solution for your points shop that covers the entire process, from start to finish. We handle everything from structure and setup to maintenance and customer support in a professional manner. If you already have a points database, we can create an integration, so your customers easily can redeem their points from the assortment in the points shop. If you lack your own points database, Awardit can offer solutions for point management through our comprehensive loyalty solutions.

Through our service, your customers gain access to all the products we stock ourselves, as well as a wide range of products from partners. If your customers have any questions about a product in the shop, our customer service is ready to assist.With Awardit’s points shop solutions, it’s easy to offer an attractive range of products for point redemption.


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Which companies/industries benefit most from a points shop?

A points shop can be used by any company that wants to create added value for its customers and increase customer loyalty. The points model creates incentives for customers to continue shopping with you, and the higher the customer’s points balance, the more reason for the customer to stay with you to earn even more points.The points shop contains products from well-known brands, contributing to a high perceived customer value when redeeming points in the shop.

If you already have a solution for point management but lack products to use for point redemption, we can build an integration between your points database and our points shop solution. If you do not have your own solution for point management, Awardit can offer a comprehensive solution that also includes a points database, complete communication and loyalty management system, and an integrated points shop.Read more about our comprehensive loyalty solutions–comprehensive loyalty solutions for businesses and consumers.

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