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Innovative loyalty solutions that enhance y our reseller relationships.

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Strengthen Relationships with Your Resellers and Partners

Are you ready to transform the way you work with resellers and partners? With Awardit’s loyalty programs, you can turn your resellers into dedicated brand ambassadors and boost your sales through smart reward strategies.

Turn Your Resellers into Ambassadors

Our loyalty programs are designed to turn your resellers & partners into enthusiastic advocates for your brand and products through exclusive rewards and incentives.

Points-based Rewards

By introducing a points system that rewards not only sales but also knowledge and engagement, stronger incentives are created to choose your brand over competitors.

Engagement and Education

Stimulate sales performance and product knowledge with quizzes and activities that are rewarded, leading to more effective sales and deeper product understanding.

Inclusive with a Wide Range of Rewards

With an inclusive philosophy and a wide range of rewards, you ensure that all employees at your resellers feel motivated to perform their best. Together with Awardit, you can create a loyalty program that not only meets your unique needs but also ensures long - term partnerships and successful growth.

Create Loyalty Programs for Your Resellers that Truly Deliver Results!

Win Your Resellers' Loyalty

In a competitive market whereresellers play a key role in how your brand is perceivedand how you compete in the market, we can offer customized loyalty programstailored to your needs. An effective loyalty program for resellers helps you stand out and transforms your resellers into engaged brand ambassadors. By engaging your resellers, not only will your products stand out from the crowd, but it will also strengthening your reseller relationships.

Maximize Sales with Our Points System

Our innovative points system is the core of the program, where every interaction is turned into an opportunity to reward. A points system gives you great flexibility to reward not only sales, but also knowledge, engagement, and loyalty. It creates a win-win situation for both your brand and your resellers. By including and engaging sellers at all levels, a culture is promoted where every action and every sale contributes to common goals. The points system simply functions as a digital currency that shifts the focus away from price and discounts.

Knowledge and Activity Enhance Sales Performance

To further strengthen sales performance, our loyalty programs use educational quizzes and activities that make learning both fun and rewarding. This strategy increases both the sellers’ product knowledge and their ability to effectively communicate your brand’s values. Additionally, we encourage increased activity by rewarding points for the use of displays, participation in campaigns, and recommendations of new resellers.

Competitions, Rewards, and Appreciation

Our loyalty programs are based on an inclusive philosophy where every reseller has the opportunity to “be a winner.” To add a little extra excitement, you can include competitive elements such as the month’s top seller, the month’s top store, etc. This contributes to adding extra dynamics and engagement in the program.

A key feature in the loyalty programs is our points shop where the points act as a digital currency. Here, you’ll find everything from the latest gadgets to appreciated gift cards, ensuring there’s something for everyone. By offering a wide range of rewards, you can cater to each participant’s unique preferences and give them the freedom to choose when and how to use their points.

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What is a loyalty program for resellers ?

A loyalty program for resellers is a concept where Awardit assist clients who sell through resellers, partners, franchisees, or agents. Often, our clients want to target the program towards the reseller’s salespeople or individuals who, in turn, sell to end customers.

Legalt är det viktigt att veta att ett lojalitetsprogram för företag oavsett alltid riktar sig till den juridiska personen och dess företrädare. Om det då är ett lojalitetsprogram för återförsäljare och dess säljare är det viktigt att skilja på att den som formellt är medlem är återförsäljarföretaget. Det är dess företrädare som sedan måste ge tillåtelse att säljarna kan vara med som deltagare.

What are the benefits of a points-based loyalty program?Points are the most common system we use. The advantages of this system are primarily threefold:

  1. Points as a metric provide you with the flexibility to measure virtually anything.Normally, sales or purchases (transactions) are measured, but with points, you can also measure behavior, activities, and knowledge. That is, KPIs that indirectly affect the transaction.
  2. By using points, you get customers to invest in you as a partner. Once a customer has started accumulating points, there’s a high probability they’ll choose you instead of your competitors. This shifts the focus away from price and discount.
  3. Points are also part of gamification, making it easy to set up leaderboards, rankings, etc., encouraging member engagement.

By participating in a loyalty program, you can offer your resellers a comprehensive program with benefits, added value, and rewards. With the right structure, you can stimulate and motivate your resellers and partners’ sales people and create a virtual sales organization focusing on your products.

The possibilities are virtually limitless, but typically in our reseller programs, points are awarded for signage and displays. The reseller takes a picture with their mobile camera, uploads the picture, and earns points. Our client gets good validation and also an image bank of how their store materials are used. Other areas include recruiting new resellers or making improvement suggestions. Points can also be used to steer sales towards higher-margin assortments, communicate news, or move slow-moving inventory, for example, by offering double points for a limited time period.

Points can also be used to gather knowledge about what customers know and think about your products, such as through surveys where members earn points for answering questions. The point reward then becomes a tool that can be used to increase the response rate and value of the survey. There are many activities that indirectly affect sales or upselling that can be rewarded with points.

Som alltid är timing viktig. Här finns förstås många parametrar m h t säljcykler m.m. En viktig aspekt är att allt inte måste lanseras på en gång. Det viktiga är att det är enkelt och kul. Sedan kan man med fördel lansera nya moment och områden successivt, så att medlemmar märker att det finns en dynamik i programmet.

En annan viktig del är att ha en intern kick-off så att alla säljare och övrig personal som arbetar med era kunder får kunskap om lojalitetsprogrammet, förstår syftet och vilka fördelar de får av programmet. Lika viktigt är det att löpande arbeta med uppföljning och kommunikation runt programmet för att behålla medlemmarnas engagemang.

Yes, of course, you can replace a sales competition with a loyalty program. The basic principle of a sales competition is that it’s time-limited, e.g., a competition period from March 1 to June 30. A loyalty program doesn’t have a time limitation but runs continuously to create long-term effects. Another important difference is that most sales competitions also have a limitation on the number of winners and often have a specific “prize pool” or destination with limited spots. In a loyalty program, everyone is a winner because everyone earns points based on their own performance.

We have several examples of clients who have run their own sales competitions that we have then developed into loyalty programs. Quite often, we have built sales competitions into the loyalty program to create dynamics in communication and help strengthen sales during important sales periods.

En annan viktig skillnad är att de flesta säljtävlingar också har en begränsning i antal vinnare och ofta med ett bestämt “prisbord” eller resmål med begränsade platser. I ett lojalitetsprogram är ofta alla vinnare utifrån att alla får poäng utifrån egen prestation.

Vi har ett flertal exempel på uppdragsgivare som drivit egna säljtävlingar som vi sedan utvecklat till lojalitetsprogram. Ganska ofta har vi då byggt in säljtävlingar i lojalitetsprogrammet för att skapa dynamik i kommunikationen och hjälpa till att stärka försäljningen under viktiga säljperioder.

A loyalty program is definitely part of your marketing strategy. Please read our Whitepaper Loyalty as part of your marketing strategy, but it’s also part of your sales strategy. By rewarding the right behavior, selected KPIs, etc., a loyalty program is also a “tool” to get resellers and their salespeople to perform based on the goals and purpose of the program.

There are several answers depending on the purpose and goals you have with the program. For example, if your goal is to increase sales, you need to consider how much you can allocate to points bonuses. What is allocated to point bonuses depends on the margin structure you have for the products you want to increase sales on. The higher the product margin, the higher the point bonus you can give. Properly calculated, you can find a level where the cost of driving increased sales also results in increased profitability.

There are many variations that we are happy to tell you more about in a meeting. It’s equally important to consider which activities, behaviors, and knowledge affect the above. Here, it’s important to select the most important KPIs. These can be activities that are already taking place today, but where new activities in the loyalty program create a greater impact.

For example, if a reseller recommends a new customer and helps you with this “sales work,” you can be quite generous with points, as it would probably be significantly more expensive if your own salesperson were to do the same work. Another example could be to award points for the reseller, if it’s a retail business, to showcase your brand and offerings better. Rewarding this type of activity can result in products that would not otherwise be exposed being displayed in the store.

There are infinite examples depending on what you sell and what type of reseller you work with. Depending on the purpose and how you choose to reward program members, a reasonable ROI period for the investment is between 6 and 18 months. We run several programs that are completely self-funded.

Här finns flera aspekter att ta hänsyn till och det är viktigt att ni har tydliga medlemsvillkor eller officiella regler för lojalitetsprogrammet.

Viktigt att det i medlemsvillkoren framgår att det är återförsäljaren som juridiska personen som är officiell medlem och som äger poängen i programmet. Om återförsäljarens säljare bjuds in måste detta ske via företrädaren för återförsäljaren och då är dessa deltagare i programmet. Här finns flera skrivningar och en del juridik att beakta.

Vidare är det förstås viktigt att det framgår att programmet hanteras utifrån GDPR regelverket. Beträffande de skattemässiga aspekterna finns det även här flera parametrar att ta hänsyn till. Dessa styrs av vilken typ av belöningar som finns med i programmet och hur dessa kan intjänas. Awardit anlitar flera konsulter och experter inom området för att leverera vederhäftiga regelverk. Kontakta oss gärna för mer information.

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