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Motivated Employees

Awardit help you create a workplace where motivation and performance go hand in hand.

Motivated employees

Invest in Employee Motivation

The right balance between competence and motivation is the core of every successful company. You may have competent employees, but without the right motivation, the potential risks remaining untapped. Therefore, it’s important that leaders focus on influencing the employees’ willingness to perform and succeed on a daily basis

Increased Employee Engagement Leads to Increased Profitability

Do you want to develop your business and take it to a new level? The key to success lies in more engaged and motivated employees, resulting in more efficient teams, more rewarding collaborations, reduced absenteeism, and higher quality in delivery. Are these relevant areas for you to focus on? Then it’s time to prioritize a motivation program.

With our expertise and proven strategies, we have all the knowledge to set up and deliver a motivation program tailored to your needs. By identifying and focusing on your key performance indicators (KPIs), we help you achieve tangible improvements in your work environment where your employees feel motivated to contribute to the company’s success.

Take the step towards a more motivated workforce

Boost Sales Results with Motivational Sales Competitions

Is it time to give your sales results a boost? Improving sales results requires a motivated salesforce and a strategy that engages and includes all employees. A well-planned sales competition can be just the tool you need to increase motivation, enhance job satisfaction, and make your sales processes more effective. It’s an investment that adds value every time your employees take their performance to the next level.

Awardit assists you throughout the process-from design to implementing your sales competition and selecting the most effective rewards to optimize results and motivation with in your sales team.

Learn more about how a sales competition can strengthen your sales efforts and help you achieve your goals.

Some of Our Many Services

Why is it important to invest in employee motivation?

Employee motivation is central to how your company performs.Companies with high motivation factors are achieving their business goals to a greater extent than those with low motivation factors. By prioritizing and investing in employee motivation, the company can create a work environment characterized by engagement, creativity, and a strong desire to contribute and perform. Ultimately, this leads to a more sustainable and successful business.

Collaborating with Awardit provides your company with expert guidance and technical and strategical support. With many years of experience in setting up and running motivation programs and collaborating with companies in various industries, we know what it takes to deliver a functional solution that strengthens employee motivation and loyalty to your company

Sales competitions are an effective tool and can be used as a management tool in many different industries. A sales competition can work wonders for the results in any company that has salespeople, whether they are internal or external, or have other employees who contributes to the sales process and results.

Awardit charges a one-time fee to set up a sales competition portal, and we take a fixed monthly fee for operation and support. Points awarded are based on goal achievement and billed upon redemption. Operation and support include a customer responsible (KAM) from Awardit, campaign management, communication with the target group, service operation, technical support, target group support, etc., according to the current agreement.

Our Delivery

Awardit offers a one-stop-shop and assists you with everything from strategy and program design to technical and operational management. All to simplify the process of setting up and running various types of motivation solutions. Read more about what we deliver below.

Strategy & Pre-study

With over 50 years of combined experience, we are experts in creating long-term successful motivation programs. Our strategic advice ensures that your program seamlessly integrates into your business. We also assist with program design to maximize effectiveness based on the common goals we set for your program.

Design & UX

Our team has extensive experience in creating world-class digital user experiences and interfaces. Digital user experiences are one of the cornerstones of our business-we know what works when it comes to user experience and interaction. Therefore, we can ensure that the user experience in your motivation program is optimized and tailored to your needs and preferences.

IT & Development

We create modern and intuitive motivation programs on a Software as a Servicebasis, with web and mobile-based member and user interfaces. We have extensive experience in compliance and information security and have undergone comprehensive reviews by some of our clients, including international airlines and credit card companies.

Procurement, Inventory & Logistics

With our fulfillment as a service solution, you can choose from thousands of products in our standard range or put together a custom assortment to reward participants in your motivation program. We stock a large number of exciting products as well as a wide range of gift cards from well-known brands.

Operational Management

Let Awardit take care of the operation of your program! A dedicated Key AccountManager assists you with program strategy, member onboarding, communication, etc., to ensure the success of your program.


By allowing Awardit to take on the role of the legal seller for the redemption assortment in your motivation program, you avoid legal responsibility, payment flows, and integrations with business systems. Our solution supports a variety of payment methods, including PCI-certified card payment gateways, mobile payment systems, and invoice payments. All fully integrated with our business system, so you can be sure to get started quickly.

Our powerful analysis and reporting tools allow us to visualize important KPIs in a clear and interactive way, so you can make quick, data-driven decisions.


Our customer service center assists members in the program with product or order inquiries, return handling, etc.

We seamlessly integrate into your existing customer service organization and act as a complement, regardless of which channels you prefer to use. This ensures a unified and smooth customer experience and becomes an extension of your own customer support team.

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Invest in Your Employees' Motivation

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