Motivation Programs

Would you like to build a strong corporate culture characterized by understanding of goals and vision, where you collectively strive for strengthened results? Then you should invest in the most valuable asset you have-your employees.

Motivation Programs

Increase Your Employee Motivation and Gain Improved Results

With the right strategy and a well-thought-out motivation program, you can achieve increased well-being and significantly improved performance. By involving everyone, from individuals to cross-functional teams, you can effectively influence the journey towards higher motivation for everyone in the organization. With employee motivation in focus, you achieve several positive effects.

Reduced recruitment costs

With an effective motivation program, you strengthen your brand, retain valuable expertise, and transform your employees into brand ambassadors who contribute to attracting new talent. A Gallup study* shows that small changes are often enough for employees to choose to stay and feel motivated in their work place.

Higher emotional engagement

Real motivation goes beyond ping - pong tables and massage chairs. It's about feeling involved, understanding the company's overall goals, and how one's own achievements contributes to achieving them. Higher emotional engagement among employees is crucial for creating a meaningful and sustainable work environment where everyone feels motivated to contribute to the company's success.

Happier customers

When your employees thrive and when you invest resources in strengthening their motivation and security, it is reflected in how they treat your customers. With a work environment that promotes engagement and well-being among your employees, an atmosphere is created where customer satisfaction naturally increases.

Increased profitability

The Gallup study* also shows that motivated employees lead to increased profitability. Motivated employees deliver as much as 22 percent higher profitability than unmotivated employees.
*Källa: State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report

Maximera medarbetarmotivationen: Mät, Belöna och Inspirera

The Key to Success

Comprehensive Solution-Where Nothing is Left to Chance

With Awardit, you get more than an IT platform and a points shop. We offer a comprehensive solution and become a strategic partner in your motivation work. Our IT team sets up a technical solution that becomes your motivation portal and the hub for your motivation program. With a dedicated key account manager, we take care of all aspects of the program according to the agreed program plan. By collaborating with Awardit, you get expert support and assistance at all levels, both technically and strategically, to ensure that your motivation program is successful in the longterm.

With Awardit, You Get the Whole Toolbox

We have extensive experience in running motivation programs for companies in a variety of industries. We understand what it takes to deliver an effective solution that strengthens employee motivation and builds loyalty to your company. With our “toolbox,” we cover all aspects of the value chain of the motivation program. From strategic planning and implementation to continuous monitoring and optimization of the program. With Awardit as a partner, you can be sure to have access to all the resources needed to create a successful and sustainable motivation program.

Engaged and Present Leadership Creates Success

The core of successful companies is present leadership, characterized by transparency, clarity, and continuous feedback. By showing genuine appreciation to your employees, your employees’ motivation grows. Investing in your employees’ development and supporting them on the path to reaching their full potential is crucial, both for individual well-being and for the company’s success.

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Why should we invest in a motivation program?

Awardit’s motivation program creates value in several areas. Here are some examples:

  • Direct cost savings for recruitment and sickness absence.
  • More satisfied customers and reduced customer churn.
  • Increased profitability and strengthened results.

A motivation program can be implemented as a valuable management tool in all industriesand organizations. The program can be a powerful support tool and give extra weight to an ongoing loyalty program for a company’s customers. A prerequisite for succeeding with a motivation program is that basic hygiene factors are in place; such as market-based salaries, a well-functioning physical and psychosocial work environment, and a healthy corporate culture.

Collaborating with Awardit provides your company with expert guidance and support, both technically and strategically. With many years of experience in setting up and runningmotivation programs and collaborating with companies in various industries, we know what ittakes to deliver a functioning solution that strengthens employee motivation and loyalty toyour company.

Employee motivation is central to how your company performs.Companies with high motivation factors achieving their business goals to a greater extent than those with low motivation factors. By prioritizing and investing in employee motivation, the company can create a work environment characterized by engagement, creativity, and a strong desire to contribute and perform. This ultimately leads to a more sustainable and successful business.

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