Sales Competitions

Boost your sales performance with a sales competition!

Sales Competitions

A Highly Motivated Sales Force is the Key to Success

Are you ready to enhance your sales results?If yes, introduce a strategy that involves and engages all your employees working in sales.

Increase Motivation and Job Satisfaction

We all crave recognition for our achievements, and personal development tends to improve in workplace s where you enjoy what we do. With the right motivational methods, you can bring new energy to your workplace. Implement a sales competition strategy that becomes a source of inspiration and contributes to achieving your goals.

Flexible Reward System

Our points system makes it easy to re ward various types of activities and efforts. The point system allows you to tailor rewards to different types of achievements, from sales results and new business opportunities to customer satisfaction and team efforts. By defining and encouraging activities that lead towards your goals, you create a focused and positive work environment.

Inclusive Reward Structure

Creating a reward structure that highlights efforts from a broad group of employees encourages an inclusive and engaging atmosphere. It promotes healthy competition where your employees not only compete against each other, but also on a team level and strive to surpass their own previous results.

Improved Work Processes

By implementing an effective sales motivation program, you can encourage knowledge and experience sharing within and between different teams. This leads to better collaboration and more efficient work processes, benefiting the entire organization.

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Streamline Your Sales

Let us be your strategic partner for a successful sales competition. We offer more than just an IT platform and a points shop–we provide a complete solution. With a tailored portal–serving as the hub of your sales competition–and a dedicated customer manager, we guide you from strategy and planning to execution and follow-up. All to ensure maximum return on your investment.

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With years of experience in setting up and running sales competitions in various industries, we have the knowledge needed to deliver an effective solution that motivates your sales force and improves your sales results.

An Investment with Good Returns

Investing in a sales competition is not just an expense–it’s a smart investment for the future, where the benefits increase each time your employees improve their performance. Every advancement your employees make is a step towards increased sales and stronger results–making the sales competition a profitable investment over time.

Clarity and Simplicity Lead to Success

What is easy to structure is easy to understand. Be thorough when prioritizing your goals and KPIs, because clear goals make it easy to know what needs to be achieved.Think upselling, cross-selling, number of quotes, qualitative meetings, references, and more. Even soft aspects are important! Let Awardit help you set up your sales competition, run it, and deliver the right mix of rewards.

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What benefits does a sales competition offer?

A successful sales competition creates value in several ways:

  • Increased sales and strengthened results
  • Enhanced team spirit and more efficient collaboration
  • Streamlined processes

Sales competitions are an effective tool and can be used as a management tool in many different industries. A sales competition can work wonders for the results in any company that has salespeople, regardless of whether they are internal or external, or have other employees who can contribute to the sales process and results.

Collaborating with Awardit gives you access to our expertise and support, both technically and strategically. With many years of experience in setting up and running sales competitions and collaborating with companies in various industries, we know what it takes to deliver a functional solution that strengthens employee motivation and loyalty to your company.

Awarditcharges a one-time fee to set up a sales competition portal, and we take afixed monthly fee for operation and support. Points awarded are based on goal achievement and billed upon redemption. Operational and support services include a customer manager (KAM) from Awardit, campaign management and communication to the target audience, service operation, technical support, end customer support, etc., as per the applicable agreement.

Are you curious about how a sales competition can benefit your business? Contact us today, and we’ll tell you more about howa sales competition can help you achievesuccess.

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