Customer clubs and other rewards


Enhanced loyalty starts within your own company. It is the employees who, through their work and customer contacts, encourage a long-term relationship. Therefore, it is crucial that all employees, at all stages of the business, work actively towards this goal. One way for companies to achieve this is to launch rewards programs that motivate staff to meet certain goals. Some examples of such programs and types of rewards are described below:


Both well-performing employees and loyal customers appreciate feeling valuable. Public or internal recognition can therefore be a good way of showing appreciation and can serve as an encouragement to continue in the same way in the future. Conferences and other events can be appropriate occasions for such forms of recognition.

Traveling & experiences

Trips and experiences are not only popular rewards, but they also help employees develop and grow. This kind of added value gives the staff something to look forward to, and that also makes it more fun to work.


There are many different types of effective rewards that motivate both employees and customers. For example products, journeys, bonuses and offers.