The right motivation theory helps companies move forward


Criticizing can at best serve as a short-term solution to get staff to perform better, but if you want to achieve a strengthened personnel force even in a long-term perspective, you have more to gain from other methods. In psychology, motivation theory is used as a tool for mapping different needs within a business. Some of the theories that can be useful in an organization are the following:

Need theories

Need theories are based on the basic idea that people have biological basic motivational forces and that we are adapted for life-long learning. Psychologists McCelland and Maslow have developed motivation theories that focus on this and that entail that achievements, contact with colleagues and the power to get your ideas implemented are important parts of human labour. Security, community, appreciation and self-realization are other key cornerstones in this context.

Cognitive expectancy theory

Cognitive motivation theory conveys the idea that people are motivated to do a job when they expect to be able to actually achieve something on top of the task. Companies that believe in this theory usually use different reward systems to encourage their employees to perform better at work. However, for this to be effective, it is important that the reward really comes and that it appeals to the employee.

Working with characteristics models

These models highlight the value of workplace characteristics. Herzberg is one of the important names here and he emphasizes, among other things, that hygiene factors such as workplace policies, interpersonal relationships, supervision and salary are important to encourage employees to work effectively. However, this is in combination with motivational factors such as appreciation, performance, promotion opportunities and responsibility.

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