Excellent company gifts for both small and large companies at Gåvovalet.se


Awardit has today launched a new service for corporate gifts - Gåvovalet.se. In the gift selection you will find lots of perfect company gifts for the employee, supplier and customer. Appreciated corporate gifts for all audiences. The gifts in the gift selection are suitable for both small and large companies. The companies that want to give away a gift card can do this easily in just four steps and it goes just as fast no matter how many recipients you plan to send to.

The big advantage for the recipient is the wide range of gifts available to choose from, both physical products and digital such as gift cards. The gifts are delivered to the recipient via e-mail or mail. The companies that want to give a gift card decide for themselves which arrangement is best for them.

At gåvovalet, we have an attractive assortment of well-known brands, which is very much appreciated by the recipients. Our gift´s contain everything from gift cards for stores and streaming services to tools and decor. But it is not only appreciated by the recipient but also by the companies we have delivered the gift selection to before. We can set different price levels on the gift cards, we have a well-functioning delivery process and are integrated with Benify's benefit portal, says Anna Törner, Sales Manager B2C at Awardit.

Do you want to give away a gift card and know more about the gift selection? See prices, how it works and order codes at gavovalet.se.

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