Awardit launches the gift card Zupergift



Awardit is launching a new digital gift card, Zupergift. The gift card is valid on a number of well-known brands such as H&M, SF Anytime, Interflora, Nextory, McDonald ́s and Spotify.

Initially, Zupergift is only available for purchases through loyalty programs like Benify, Folkspel, Ahlsell and Preem, which all are Awardit programs. The gift card is delivered via email and redeemed at where the recipient makes their choices. In the next version, those who visit will also be given the opportunity to purchase the gift card directly on the website. Gift cards from the brands included in Zupergift will also be available for purchase.

Zupergift is the new perfect gift to give away to your employees and customers to show appreciation. In addition, it is a great platform to appear on for companies that want to increase their brand awareness and sales

says Lars Nordberg responsible for B2B sales of Zupergift.

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