Rewardit AB has signed new customer agreements that can significantly increase its annual revenues


Over the past month, Awardit's subsidiary Rewardit AB ( has signed three new customer agreements. The agreements concern the administration and operation of co-branded loyalty programs as well as a gift card system. The customer agreements will generate annual revenues in the form of monthly fees and points fees. The monthly fees give annual revenues of SEK 126,000 and the points fees are estimated to generate annual revenues of approx. SEK 500,000.

A comment from the entrepreneurs who run Rewardit AB:

Rewardit has developed strongly in 2017 and its annual sales are expected to increase by 40% compared to 2016. Our three new customer agreements give the expectation of a continued positive development next year.

For more information, contact Awardit's CEO Niklas Lundqvist at or 0704-822074.