Awardit AB (publ) enters into strategic cooperation agreement with MBXP ApS regarding the Goyada platform


Awardit AB and MBXP ApS have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement regarding the technical platform, which was recently acquired from Goyada's bankruptcy estate. MBXP is a Danish company that is the Nordic region's largest distributor of gift cards and other vouchers in the physical retail and grocery trade, see further Through the collaboration, MBXP gains access to the platform on a SaaS basis with integrations towards several major retail chains, e.g. ICA, Preem and OKQ8. This way, MBXP can expand its customer network in the distribution of gift cards and certificates for mobile telephony in the stationary trade, while Awardit receives revenue through the agreement with MBXP.

Furthermore, Awardit will use MBXP as a supplier of mobile phone value cards for the commerce site, which will be relaunched under Awardit. The collaboration also means that Awardits and MBXP's respective customers will have the opportunity to reach even more target groups and that the parties will thereby be able to establish new revenue streams, save time and money and focus on their respective niches. The platform will remain Awardits and, in parallel with the collaboration, will be used for the operation of gift card programs, which form part of Awardit's core business. The agreement runs for six years.

This is an exciting collaboration that allows us to quickly get started with revenue generation from the acquired Goyada platform. With this agreement in place, we will be able to generate a return that exceeds the purchase price while remaining focus on using other parts of the platform in our core business. We also see further profitable collaboration opportunities with MBXP.

says Henrik Olander, CEO Awardit.

MBXP is very positive about the collaboration with Awardit. Access to the Goyada platform strengthens MBXP's position in the Nordic market, while the collaboration with Awardit opens up many exciting opportunities that can improve our offer to our customers.

says Christian Peter Koch Sörensen, CEO MBXP.