Awardit AB (publ) completes the acquisition of Sponsorhuset AB


Awardit entered into an acquisition agreement with the owners of Sponsorhuset AB at the end of October and today the deal has been completed and Awardit has taken over as new owner of 100% of the shares in Sponsorhuset. Payment has been made in cash with approx. SEK 2 million and through a directed share issue of approximately SEK 9 million, corresponding to 230,891 new shares. As previously stated in Awardit's investment memorandum and company description, the acquisition has been dependent on the completed listing on First North and the calculation of the average price after listing for payment in Awardit shares. The weighted average price was calculated between December 6 and 19 and resulted in a value of SEK 38.98 per share. Today, Awardit’s Board of Directors has completed a private placement of 230,891 shares in accordance with the authorization from the extraordinary general meeting on August 31, 2017. Today there are 5,000,000 shares in Awardit and after the new share issue there will be 5,230,891 shares, corresponding to a dilution of approx. 4.4%.