Awardit AB (publ) has signed an agreement on the delivery of a customer loyalty program


Awardit has signed an agreement to deliver a loyalty program to a chain of stores with just under 100 stores in the Nordic region.

Today, Awardit has entered into an agreement for the delivery of a complete loyalty program based on a digital point currency to a leading chain of stores with just under 100 stores in the Nordic region. The agreement includes the setup of the loyalty program on Awardit's platform, operation, managing the rewards selection and external points-giving partners. During the first year, the plan is to run the loyalty program with a limited number of members and then scale it up. The goal is for the loyalty program to be launched in April 2018. The agreement initially runs for one year and is automatically renewed if it is not terminated. The value of the setup and operating fees is at least SEK 330,000. In addition, trade in the points currency itself (selling products and service for points), which is Awardit's most important revenue model, and commission income from external partners.

This is a very exciting business for us with great revenue potential in the 1-2-year term if the loyalty program becomes successful. We are proud to have taken this deal in competition with others.

says Niklas Lundqvist, VD Awardit