Proposal for new board member of Awardit AB (publ)


The Board, which together represents approximately 67% of the shares and votes in Awardit AB, proposes that the Annual General Meeting elects Petter Sehlin as the fifth Board member of Awardit AB.

In the notice of the Annual General Meeting, it is proposed that the number of Board members in Awardit be increased from four to five and that a more detailed proposal will be communicated before the Annual General Meeting. The Board, which represents about 67% of the shares and votes in Awardit, proposes that Petter Sehlin be elected as a new fifth member. Petter will provide the company with technical and business expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Petter has many years of experience in the IT area and digital commerce, both as an entrepreneur but also as an employee in senior positions at, among others, Tradera and eBay. He has previously been active as an advisor in a number of blockchain-based businesses, with a particular focus on technical implementation and development of token-based business models. Petter also has extensive experience in the role of business angel and as a member of several international investment committees.