Awardit AB (publ) has entered into a reseller agreement with Convenient Card in Sweden AB regarding Zupergift


Awardit AB and Convenient Card AB in Sweden have entered into a reseller agreement regarding Awardit's recently launched gift card Zupergift. Zupergift is a digital gift card with many choices. Zupergift can be redeemed for a very large number of other gift cards, most of which are processed by Awardit's subsidiary Retain24 AB.

Convenient Card, is a subsidiary of MBXP Aps. MBXP Group is the Nordic region's largest distributor of gift cards and voucher codes in physical commerce. The gift cards and value codes are sold via integrations with the chains' cash register systems. The products are exposed and sold in high-traffic parts of the stores. The MBXP Group has agreements with chains such as Axfood, Coop Sweden, Coop Denmark, Coop Norway, Norgesgruppen, Reitan Convenience, Kesko, SOK, Circle K, etc. This network has approximately 12,000 stores in the Nordic region.

Through the collaboration with Convenient Card, Zupergift will be able to be distributed through MBXP Group's store network, which provides a unique opportunity for increased brand awareness. The collaboration is a long-term strategic investment with a focus on making Zupergift an important part of MBXP Group's range. The agreement will initially expire on December 31, 2023.

"This is another exciting collaboration with the MBXP Group. Zupergift is an attractive gift card product, it is the perfect gift or reward for both private individuals and B2B. Now, we will not only sell Zupergift online through our normal channels but also in the physical retailers. Convenient Card and the MBXP Group are the best partners we can have for this. Zupergift is a new product and it is therefore difficult for us to estimate how big the sales can be through the current channels."

- Henrik Olander, CEO of Awardit.

"We are very positive that the cooperation with Awardit is being developed. We believe that Zupergift will perform well in our programs. We have data from similar products, in other European markets, which convincingly indicate that Zupergift will be well received by the market."

- Christian Peter Koch Sörensen, CEO of MBXP Aps.