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Pre-paid Design a gift card program that offers complete freedom!


Gift Card Programs with Endless Opportunities

With Awardit’s pre-paid solutions, you can offer gift cards that can be used whereverMastercard are accepted. Our pre-paid solutions offer endless possibilities to offergifts cards that can be used almost anywhere in the world!

The Gift Card Program with Full Freedom

Imagine being able to offer customers and employees gift cards that can be used world wide wherever Mastercard is accepted. Awardit’s Paygoo gift makes it possible!Your customers and employees have full freedom and can use their gift anywhere, making it more appreciated gift

Paygoo Prepaid MasterCard® Reload-an alternative to credit cards

With our Paygoo Pre-paid solutions linked to Mastercard, we can create programs with great flexibility regarding where the cards can be used. Paygoo PrepaidMasterCard® Reload is a prepaid card that can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Services and Solutions

Några av alla våra tjänster

What are the biggest advantages of a card linked to Mastercard or Visa?

There are many advantages. For example, you avoid expensive and complicated POS integrations, while having the flexibility to add and remove redemption stores where the card can be used.

All it takes is an agreement with Awardit. We then help you set up a tailored program based on your wishes and requirements..

Awardit charges a license/program fee as well as variable compensation based on how you want your card product to function.

Our Delivery

Awardit offers a complete solution for establishing and managing Visa andMastercard-linked prepaid cards. Read more about what we deliver below.


Awardit assists you in developing a channel strategy and a plan for using your cardsfor different target groups.

Program Setup and Operation

Awardit supports you throughout the process of establishing and operating your program.


If you want a branded card or a physical card, Awardit can assist with card production.


If you want to resell your cards through external channels, Awardit can help you reach out through our extensive reseller network.

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Interflora gav kunderna flexibilitet att köpa presentkort.


Ving förbättrade sin presentkortsaffär med Awardit.


McDonald’s har valt Awardits lösning för att hantera presentkort i alla kanaler.

Discover the card that can be used almost everywhere!

Want to know more about how you can use our Visa and Mastercard-based gift card solutions? Contact us, and we’ll tell you more.