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Zupergift - the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Zupergift is the perfect gift where the recipient can choose from hundreds of well-known brands. You can find our wide selection at zupergift.com.

Endless Possibilities

Whether you want to give a corporate gift, anniversary present, employee benefit, or reward various types of achievements, Zupergift is the perfect choice for both you and the recipients. With a large and varied range of pop ular gift cards to choose from, we can guarantee that everyone will be satisfied .

Flexible budget

No matter your budget for corporate gifts, you will always find the perfect gift based on the recipients’ personal taste. With our extensive range of gift cards, you can be sure to find something for every occasion and budget.

Fast and Easy Delivery

Zupergift is delivered directly to the recipients' email. For larger orders, we can also offer physical gift cards delivered to recipients’ postal address.

API integration

If you prefer to integrate our Zupergift service with existing systems, we can offer API distribution. This allows you to manage and send gifts to different target groups, for example, linked to your CRM system.

Convenient and Easy to Find the Perfect ift

Wide Range of Brands

Zupergift is the gift card that opens the door to a wide range of well-known brands. With over 100 brands such as Zalando, Stadium, Interflora, H&M, Spotify, andAkademibokhandeln, recipients have almost endless options. Zupergift is simply the perfect gift for everyone.

Flexible for Company Gifting

With Zupergift, it’s easy tofindcorporate gifts, anniversary presents, incentives, salesbonuses, or unique employee benefits. Zupergift provides endless opportunities toreward and give gifts to customers, partners, and employees.

Smooth Delivery and Customization

The gift cards are delivered smoothly directly to the recipients’ email. For larger orders, we can also produce and distribute physical gift cards. Additionally, we canoffer API distribution if you want to integrate the service into your existing systems. With flexible and customizable options, we make it easy to implement and create a seamless experience for both givers and recipients.

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How does the Zupergift gift cards work?

Simply choose the desired amount and send the gift card directly to the recipient’semail. The recipient can then use the gift card to choose from various brands on theZupergift website.

You can buy Zupergift online at Zupergift.com or in physical stores at Coop, Willys,Hemköp, Tempo, Circle K, Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, City Gross, ATG,and OKQ8.

Absolutely! Contact us, and we’ll tell you more.

Zupergift is perfect for all occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, andother special events. Its versatility also makes it an excellent choice for corporate gifts,such asanniversary presents, incentives, and employee benefits.

Zupergift är en populär lösning för företag som vill belöna sina anställda genom att erbjuda valfria presentkort som passar deras smak och intressen.

The gift cards are delivered directly to the recipient’s email. For larger orders, physical gift cards can also be offered. Additionally, there is the option for API distribution for companies wishing to integrate Zupergift into their systems.

Zupergift gift cards are flexible and can be used to purchase a large number of giftcards on our Zupergift.com website. The recipient can freely choose their favorite brands from the available range.

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