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We would love to tell you more about what we do and how we together with you can build something fantastic. Send us a message or call- it will be exciting to hear about your project!

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We work with strong, well-known brands and high quality products. As a supplier to us, you have the opportunity to expose your products to the over 10 million end consumers who are in the loyalty programs we run.

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Awardit collaborates with other companies both in terms of technology solutions and the market.

If you are interested in a marketing or technology collaboration, we would be happy to meet for a closer discussion. We are particularly interested in potential resellers, value-added partners for existing loyalty programs and partners in banking / finance.


Within the Awardit Group we strive to maintain an open and transparent workplace. The whistleblower service is an essential tool for maintaining this, and it is, therefore, crucial for us to have a channel where any wrongdoing can be reported confidentially and securely. Through this channel, you, who are or have been affiliated with the Awardit Group, can anonymously report actual or suspected misconduct within the Awardit Group that is of public interest, in accordance with the so-called Whistleblower Act.

We use Visslan’s whistleblower solution and you can access the whistleblower service here: Visslan

More information is found in our Whistleblowing policy



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