Incentive programs and sales competitions

Sales are the key to growth and success in all business operations and there is much to be gained from keeping the sales force alert through various forms of sales motivation programs and contests. The target group may consist of your own staff or resellers and their staff.

The purposes of a sales incentive program may be the following:

  • Get the sales team to perform above budget or other measurable goals
  • Get the sales team to complete and register sales motivating activities
  • Strengthen the sales team's skills and product knowledge
  • Strengthen the sales team's engagement and trigger their competitiveness

An incentive program doesn't have to target sales staff only, the remaining staff can also be included. The goal doesn't need to be more sales, it can also be cost savings, process improvements, environmental savings, physical activities (= healthy employees) and other things that can be measured and rewarded.

All participants can and should be rewarded for positive behaviors and achievements but adding a competition for top performers gives an extra spice. Organizing just one general contest may only trigger those who always perform at top level. It is important to find models that motivate each person based on their individual circumstances. It’s even possible to let people set up their own goals and reward them accordingly.

The motivation program is designed under your graphic profile on Awardit's technical platform and distributed as a cloud service, which means that you as a "program owner" can focus on the benefits of the program rather than its technology.

We establish a proprietary digital point currency that will be used to reward the participants' performances and actions. The points are redeemed in a points shop which carries attractive products and services. The rewards selection can be customized and also include your own products. From a participant’s perspective the program consists of a website where they can log in and read up on the rules and how to get rewarded, get information on special offers, check their position on the leaderboard where all the members are ranked, their activity flow, transactions, the points shop and their registered information. We strongly believe in email and mobile phone as other ways of communicating with the members.

Motivationsprogram och säljtävlingar

Frequently asked questions about incentive programs and sales competitions

Does the target group for this type of motivational program have to be salespeople?

No, all employees who are able to directly or indirectly save costs or increase revenue can be participants.

Doesn't a raise or bonus work just as well?

A few percent raise is forgotten as quickly as it is received and processed by the logical left half of the brain. Many people are collectors and a points currency can stimulate behavior in a different way, and what you can get for the points is more concrete. This can motivate on a more emotional level, as the right half of the brain is involved. The redeemed product or service will last longer than a monetary reward.

How are the rewards and profits of sales motivation programs taxed?

In Sweden, the value of redeemed rewards shall be taxed as a benefit. Automated reports for this purpose are always available to the program owner.

How are behaviors and transactions / performances recorded?

We are open to different options. Participants can be authorized to register their achievements themselves on the program website, the manager in charge can do this via a web-based admin interface, you can upload or send us files for registration or we can fix a technical connection (FTP or WS) for automated file transfer.

Can we make suggestions?

We are good listeners, creative and open to suggestions. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

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