Happy customers are loyal customers

Want to score points with your customers? Start rewarding them! Through a loyalty program, your customers, suppliers, salespeople or employees can gain appreciation for completing an action. Loyalty programs are a high business asset that can generate great financial benefits. This also gives you a better customer contact and a valuable marketing channel. Awardit's solutions take care of all of this.
Happy customers are loyal customers

This is how points are generated

Self-funded points

As a program owner, it is common for you to finance most of the points distributed in the loyalty program, for example as a reward for a customer having consumed one's products or services. In addition to purchases, several other types of customer behavior may be interesting to reward with an extra reward:

  • The first purchase (customer activation)
  • Recruitment of new customer through a recommendation
  • First purchase after some time of inactivity
  • Purchases within a certain product group, over a certain period of time or based on other conditions

Externally funded points

Points can be financed through partner-based activities as well. Through our portfolio of external partners, your customers can earn points in your program while buying a product or service from one of our partners. Your customers are rewarded with points without costing you anything. They also have the option of connecting their Visa ©, Mastercard © or Amex © card to the loyalty program. This way they can earn more points too and establish loyalty to your brand every time they buy something with their regular card.


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Redemption of points

As a program owner, you can let your members redeem their points for your own products / services and / or our complete rewards selection with thousands of products and services from well-known brands.

Gift cards provide return visits

One of the goals of your loyalty program is for your customers to make return visits. Therefore, you should offer the opportunity to redeem their points for a gift card. A gift card that can be distributed both digitally and analogously, and integrated into the cash system.

Complete it with our ready-made rewards selection

As a foundation for the selection of rewards in your loyalty program, you should of course provide your own service / product, but you can also easily link our product range to your loyalty program. Our rewards selection contains lots of exciting products and offers from well-known brands. As we buy large volumes, we get great prices, which also favors you.

Points that expire generate no loyalty

One thing that is important to remember when working with loyalty is to minimize the risk of frustration for the customer. Points that never get used before expiring is one of the frustrations. Therefore, do not set limited validity periods on the collected points without notifying the customer. Also, schedule regular communication on the current points balance in combination with tips on what to redeem them for.

Our delivery

Awardit offers a one-stop shop and assists with strategy, set-up, technical and operational maintenance and customer service. This way, we help you create loyal customers and employees. Choose from what we offer or let us take care of everything. Either way, we can help you create customized solutions for precisely what you need. Read more below about what we deliver.

Our solutions

Want to start working with loyalty program without having to get multiple subcontractors and keep on with costly and complex integrations?


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