2 tips for successful motivation & travel programs


Studies show that traveling is one of the Swedes' main interests. No wonder. Experiences abroad, adventurous or relaxing, give the ability to recharge the batteries and provide a welcome distance to everyday life. Afterwards, back home, it is often easier to feel new enthusiasm about work tasks, collaboration with colleagues and the days at the office.

Imagine a scenario where the whole company, a department or a team is leaving together, on a joint trip. A scenario where many more can enjoy the same bubble of renewed motivation and strengthened relationships. A grateful experience, and not very difficult to arrange. However, some anticipation and planning are always required when arranging motivation trips of this kind, and then it is good to consider, for example, the following:

Examine the needs

A motivation journey should create community, well-being and have a rewarding effect. But how to best achieve this depends a bit on the conditions, and then it is good to ask the employees themselves. They are the ones working closely with each other and who know what’s needed or what problem areas usually arise. By examining communication, collaboration and relationships more closely, it becomes easier to prepare activities that actually develop the working group in the right direction.

The right destination

The choice of destination is key. If the purpose is to build a harmonious staff group and motivate employees, it is good to choose a place that is inspiring and encourages relaxation. In cases where the team's relationships and cooperation are intended to be strengthened in different ways, a destination with a wide range of activities may be a better option. In many cases, it is of course possible to have all of these qualifications in the same destination, but even if the circumstances seem perfect, the experience ultimately depends on good planning.
An important element of these arrangements is also that all trips and conferences must comply with the directives of the tax authority. Plan the program in a way you get the most out of your team or participants. Arrange workshops and teambuilding activities in accordance with your goals and make sure the program maintains a good balance between work and fun activities.
Companies that strive to build a better team and well-rested workforce may consider inviting their employees on a journey, customized to meet their needs. Contact Awardit for more information on the current offer of such trips and other incentive programs.