Motivate employees and increase profitability before Christmas


Employees who succeed in their work and with their assignments feel they are part of something bigger. In fact, most people want to be a part of and actively contribute to a productive and purposeful organization. However, sometimes it’s difficult to maintain the energy. For example, during the dark and cold times of the year, it is easy for the energy to wear out after many months of hard work.

Launching a sales competition at work is a great way for companies aiming to motivate their employees to deliver the best possible results before Christmas break. When investing in such a solution, consider the following:

Engage the staff

Motivation comes from commitment; people feeling at home and valued within the company and who can relate to the set goals. The biggest danger is to not reward or give a pat on the shoulder when an employee delivers good results, as there is a risk that people feel that their efforts do not matter at all. Therefore, make sure to create a climate in which both employees and managers contribute to a rewarding environment and ensure that your motivation program is adapted to the company's conditions.

Reach everyone

A common mistake when it comes to sales contests is that they are set up in a way that primarily rewards top sellers. This is counterproductive and runs the risk of undermining the self-esteem of the team as a whole. A more successful and evolving approach is to make everyone a winner. In order for the sales competition to have a motivating effect, it is also important that the employees themselves can choose from different prizes and rewards.

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