The gift card Zupergift is the perfect "corona gift"


Zupergift is the perfect corona gift to all employees with lots of choices

Now is the time to think about summer gifts for your employees. In these times, there may be few companies thinking about rewarding their staff, but it is precisely this kind of appreciation that can make them do that little bit extra for the company right now. Something that the Government has also thought of. They propose, as a result of the corona virus, a new measure that entails temporary tax exemption for gifts that employees can receive from their employers worth SEK 1,000 per employee. The opportunity is in addition to the tax-free gifts of SEK 450 that already exist today, such as the Christmas gift *.

The proposal mentions gift cards as an example of a gifts to employees. And at Awardit we have just the perfect gift for all audiences at all times - a Zupergift. A gift card with many choices among a number of well-known brands in different categories. Today you will find brands such as C More, Circle K, Nextory, McDonald's and Spotify at Zupergift.

Zupergift is a digital gift card that is delivered to the recipient via e-mail, quickly and easily. The recipient redeems the Zupergift for one or more gift cards of choice and can choose what to redeem it for at the specific company. So, ditch boring corporate gifts that no one uses. With a Zuper gift as a "corona gift" we promise that no employee will be dissatisfied.

Do you want to give your employees a Zupergift? Contact Lars Nordberg or call 070-794 61 41, responsible for B2B sales of Zupergift and he will help you further. Do you want to see which brands are included in Zupergift today? Go to

*Source: Regeringskansliet