Tips for working with customer clubs and loyalty programs


Hire an external partner

Hiring an external partner for the mission of tailoring a loyalty program to your needs can be critical to success. The process of analyzing and determining the needs of your own business may require some resources in the form of, for example, time. It is then better to have an external partner take on the process and at the same time get a more objective assessment of the business' needs.

Analysis and preparation

It is important the loyalty program is properly prepared. The work should begin with careful analysis to ensure that the program is targeting the right audience. Some important questions to ask before designing the loyalty program are, for example: What do customers want, when and why? What are the different needs the different customer groups have?

Focus on customers and efficiency

Facilitate the customers. Loyalty programs should be simple and customers should be able to benefit from offers and promotions smoothly. A digital age requires digital solutions. The type of platform that suits you depends on your conditions.


Relevant offers and promotions are another important motivation for your customers to return to your company. Spend a lot of time and energy on setting up personalized offers that match the consumers' actual needs.

Customer benefits are everything when it comes to loyalty and are also directly linked to successful brands. We at Awardit help you get there, and offer customized solutions based on your circumstances. Contact us for more information about our loyalty and incentive programs.