IT & Development

We create modern and intuitive loyalty programs, integrating them seamlessly with any APIs while fulfilling the rigorous requirements for information security.

Total supplier

We offer a comprehensive solution that includes platform, inbound and outbound logistics, customer service and finance with everything from payment modules to a redundant operating environment.

Independent of your IT department

We deliver projects without you having to wait for your own IT department to be ready with the "strategic initiative" that occupied them for the last 6 months.

Well-proven platform

Awardit's loyalty platform can be used to set up everything from stand-alone programs, for an individual customer's needs, to complex coalition programs with a common digital point currency for hundreds of bonus-awarding partners, as well as for various forms of incentive programs. The platform is developed in Java and is provided as a service with web and mobile-based member and user interfaces. More than 50,000 development hours have been invested in the platform. Integration can be done with the customer’s / program owner's POS / CRM / ERP system for transaction transfer and mutual updating of member data. Communication takes place over the internet. Furthermore, data can be supplemented from external databases or exported to external systems.

Advanced front end for modern user interfaces

Our loyalty programs are built with API-based isomorphic React, a JavaScript-based architecture that creates the conditions for seamless and lightning-quick user experiences that take interactivity to a whole new level.

Agile methodology for constant improvement

We use agile methodology to quickly adapt and react to changing conditions, which means that we can constantly improve ourselves and the loyalty solutions we run.

We take care of the servers

We operate all our systems with a professional hosting partner that is equipped with everything - full redundancy incl. multiple data centers in separate geographical locations (within Sweden), redundant internet connections, UPS-equipped electrical connections, daily backups, and more.

Extensive security experience

We have long experience in information security compliance after having undergone extensive reviews by some of our clients, incl. international aviation and credit card companies.